Book Riot #ReadHarder Challenge 2016 Progress Post and Suggestions

My progress and suggestions
My progress and suggestions

I’m using this post to track my progress on the Book Riot Read Harder challenge. I’ll update this page as I finish books and write reviews, as well as using it to track what books I’m planning on reading for each of the categories. I found some suggestions from this article as well as the Goodreads group for the challenge.

I set forth a couple additional stipulations for myself, they were:

  • no double-dipping – I will not be using any books to fill more than one category.
  • no white cis-men – All of the books I read for the challenge will be by women and minorities. In the case of multiple authors, one must be a woman or minority.

Without further ado, here is the list of the books I’m planning on reading plus some alternates.

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Review of No Exit: Struggling to Survive a Modern Gold Rush

No Exit: Struggling to Survive a Modern Gold RushNo Exit: Struggling to Survive a Modern Gold Rush by Gideon Lewis-Kraus

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was an interesting, quick read on the venture capital and entrepreneurship culture in San Francisco and the Valley. It followed two founders trying to obtain seed funding for their startup. As someone in the tech industry, I felt like the descriptions of the people and culture seemed a bit like caricatures, but there is truth to caricatures as well.

The writing was excellent, I’ve read other pieces my Lewis-Kraus and enjoyed them as well. And I enjoyed his perspective, if pessimistic, on the tech industry in this piece.

“The only thing they could count on was that they were going to be the generation that partook of the process by which all would be rendered irrevocably different. It didn’t seem to matter what the difference was, or whom it helped or hurt.”

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